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The principles of management are the basic purpose which relies on the effectiveness of management in all the attainment of their objectives.

According to Henry Fayol there are 14 principles of management which are:

  • Division of Work: allows for job specialization. Work should be divided among individuals and groups.
  • Authority and Responsibility: Right to give orders. Responsibility involves being answerable by whoever assumes authority assumes responsibility.
  • Discipline: Common efforts of workers.
  • Unity of Command: Employees should have only one boss.
  • Unity of Direction: A single plan of action to guide the organisation.
  • Subordination: Of individual interests to general interests of organization
  • Remuneration: An equitable, uniform payment system that motivates and contributes to success.
  • Centralization: Degree to which authority rests at the top of the organization.
  • Scalar Chain: Chain-like authority scale.
  • Order: Arrangement of employees where they will be of the most value to the organization.
  • Equity: Justice and fair dealing.
  • Stability: of tenure of personnel.
  • Initiative
  • Esprit de corps: Harmony, general good feeling among employees.


Our Sales department places a niche role in our company with a well proficient in Textile sector with more than 14 years of experience handling both international and domestic buyers to fulfill their requirement. We dedicate a Sales person to our entire buyer’s inorder to accomplish their necessities.

The responsibilities of the Sales person start from the conversation with buyers such as requirements, delivery, payments etc..and till the end of goods dispatch with a update on the dispatch.


Our production team is group of 10 members with a vast knowledge in textile industries starts with sourcing of raw materials, suppliers etc..But there are many other associated activities performed by the production team to run the production floor smoothly and responsible for converting inputs into outputs through various stages of production processes.

To create a production schedule, our team starts working backward from the goods dispatch date provided by Sales team in order to determine a schedule that suits the delivery plan of our customer.


Quality is the back bone of our company and we never compromise in quality; as Quality speaks everywhere but still fulfill the delivery plan as per the buyer requirement. We have a team of 4 Quality members starting their carrier in Textile industry in Quality department and they have a vast experience in the Quality related issues occurs in each products such Fabrics, Fashions, Furnishings and Hygienic products.

Our Quality team performs all kind off inspection from the start i.e. goods receiving inspection, In-line, Mid-line inspection to ensure the quality and specification is as per buyer requirements. Before dispatch they perform a Final inspection as per the AQL Inspection level preferred by our Customer and once we dispatch if the goods passed in the inspection.


Our logistics team is being our “Magic Guy’s” where they deliver the goods to our customers sometimes before the requirement of delivery time. Logistic team works 24x7 and their works starts from dispatch of the goods from our factory till the delivery of goods as per the INCOTERM’s established with our customer.

They update from beginning of dispatch and submitting all documents required to our buyers for easy import of the goods in final destination.

R & D

Research and Development team is always working and focusing markets day and night to get an inspiration or idea to develop as well it includes activities that companies undertake to innovate and introduce new products which can fulfil the customer needs and gaps in the market. R&D is important for business because it provides powerful knowledge and insights about current market situation which lead to improvement to excising process or new process with more efficiency.

In Textile industries trend keeps on moving its direction to different countries and moves to other through a trend setters. So our R&D team will be more focused on “DO the UN DO” & “THINK OUT OF THE BOX”.